Arialed Mini


Product Features

  • SmartCity Ready
  • Tool Free Access
  • CLO Enabled
  • IP66
  • IK10
  • Modular
  • Lumen Boost - Tune lumen output
  • Preset Dimming
  • Surge Protection - 10kV 5kA MLV
    (Clamping voltage) 1.2 KV
  • Tilt angle adjustment: +10º to -10º
  • Lightweight


Arialed mini

The ARIALED Mini, built on the success of its bigger brother the ARIALED, the Mini packs the same high performance plus new advanced features in an attractive, light weight and affordable package. The body & self contained LED module are crafted to maximise cooling efficiency and offers a virtually maintenance free life. Entry to the power compartment, replacement of the LED light engine and gear tray are possible tool free making the Arialed Mini environmentally friendly and future proof.


For more detailed information on product dimensions and luminance performance download the Arialed Mini data sheet.

Lantern information

Weight range

5.4 kg

Windage range


RAL codes

Black: RAL9017
Grey: RAL7040
Green: RAL6013

Mounting sizes

76, 60, 42, 34mm

Lumen Boost

Tune your driver and lumen output to provide the specific light level required, reducing your lantern variations. Photometry is available in incremental lumen steps to simplify design process and maximise energy savings.


LED Data

Lumen output range RA/CRI index CCT LX value Lumens per watt

1250-9200 lumens

>70 standard
>80 available

3000k, 4000k, 5000k

L90>100,000 hours

upto 133 lm/w