Design and Manufacture

How do we develop Luminaires

Luminaire Development

OrangeTek only design and manufacture purpose built LED Lanterns. We have extensive technical and, R&D facilities which we utilise in the design and production of all OrangeTek luminaires.

OrangeTek understand there is more to street lights than just lighting streets. We carry out extensive virtual design of our equipment.   

In addition to 3D design we use specialist software packages to simulate and assess thermal flow and heat dissipation structural & vibration simulation as well as diecast and mould flow scenarios.

Once a physical sample has been produced we utilise thermal validation & mechanical testing to ensure design targets have been met. 

To cover the thermal performance; Infrared Camera for 2D surface temperature scanning, a free air constant temperature chamber allowing natural cooling tests; Horizontal and vertical open loop type wind tunnel for heat sink performance measurement, and an air to air heat exchanger test chamber for cooling capacity measurement. To cover the mechanical performance; We carry out shock, impact, and vibration tests using a multi-analyser and model hammer for natural frequency testing.

Thermal Validation Tools

An Infrared camera is used to measure non-contact thermal values, aiding identification of hot spots in a large areas. For example, adapter surface temperature scanning, component and solder side hot spot scanning, and chassis temperature scanning.

Structure Validation Tools

At the largest of our several manufacturing plants we currently operate a single shift pattern across 3 production lines, capable of producing 6000 units per month. This capacity can be doubled or tripled if required by the implementation of additional shifts.