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Caring for the environment is core to OrangeTek. The energy saving impact LEDs have is dramatic, saving around 60%, when compared to existing HID light sources. Taking the UK as an example with its heavily reliance on imported fossil fuels to produce electricity. Every saving can help to reduce the overall carbon dioxide. If the UK were to change all their street lighting to LED, it would halve the current 2.6 Terawatt load to less than 1.3 Terawatts. 

We take the same caring approach to all our products and operations to minimise their environmental footprint on the planet. All our essential packaging is 100% recyclable cardboard which is sourced from managed forests or itself recycled. The luminaires themselves are 99% recyclable and often the aluminium in the body comes from a recycled sources.  

To develop our sustainable approach, we are working closely with the RI.SE institute in Sweden to develop the circular economy programme for the lighting sector to promote a more sustainable future. (www.viktoria.se). 

We encourage our people to follow a sustainable lifestyle and thinking, and to support this for example, we use recycled office products, offer staff the ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme and promote the use of hybrid vehicles. We will adopt electric cars where appropriate as they become a viable option.