We design and manufacture street
& urban realm luminares as well as
traffic lighting systems.

OrangeTek specialises in manufacturing and supplying exterior LED lighting solutions. Established in Australia in 2004 with our head office based in the UK, we operate in 5 countries worldwide providing market leading LED technology. 

Our research and development facilities in Taiwan explore the future of lighting technology. Our team are consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, providing you with state of the art luminaries at an affordable price. 

Our passion for light, lighting and LED technology drives us. Its potential to improve the quality of lighting within a night-time environment and provide greater safety for road users is significant. Furthermore, it will reduce energy consumption lowering carbon emissions, cutting costs and ultimately have a positive impact on our environment.

We understand it is not just about providing great products, just as important is the support that comes with it. We encourage working with clients on all aspects of the lighting acquisition process. We strive to give exceptional customer experience by understanding your specific lighting needs, producing tailored solutions, assistance on obtaining funding, lighting design, inventory management and assessing the final result to ensure you are completely satisfied with the solution.

Why are orangetek
in the uk?

Eco friendlyReduce CO2Eco environment

This is what has enabled us to rapidly grow to one of the top LED street Light manufacturers in the UK. Feedback from you is the only way we can continue to make market leading products with outstanding quality and durability that you can have confidence in.

We currently work with over 50 local authorities in the UK and are the primary provider of LED traffic lighting systems to Singapore, Brunei, Auckland NZ, Christchurch NZ, Sydney Australia and Melbourne Australia.

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