Hammersmith & Fulham

London Borough of

Hammersmith & Fulham

Over a two year period the Local Authority undertook LED lantern trials to determine the most appropriate full life cost option to obtain funding to roll out to replace the boroughs public highway street lighting.  8 manufacturers lanterns were trialled on various road types, with the trial results providing a top 3 (OrangeTek, Urbis, Philips) based on the following criteria:

- Performance against British lighting standard

- Appearance in keeping with the aesthetic of the area and the brackets used by the borough

- Colour temperature

- Glare

- Cost 

- Warranty

- Installation and Maintenance



Project requirements

Following approval of the funding via the council’s finance department and their efficiency projects reserve, and Councillors, the council advised the following:

- The Council want to lead on being a green borough and with the current economic restraints, reducing any costs has been essential

- A carbon reduction of 40% from the 2008 levels

- Over 50% energy savings

- Within 18 month timeframe

The solution


- CLO enabled

- Dim to 50% from 00:00 to 06:00

- DALI driver

- 7 PIN NEMA (CMS / Smart city)


Arialed Mini

The ARIALED Mini, built on the success of its bigger brother the ARIALED, the Mini packs the same high performance plus new advanced features in an attractive, light weight and affordable package.

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Traffic Routes


The Arialed is a flexible, high performance luminaire able to provide solutions for a range of lighting scenarios from P6 through to M2. Achieved by employing a unique modular light engine capable of accommodating a range of LED configurations.

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Savings of phase 1 

With 1500 lanterns replaced so far and also includes some sign and bollard de-illumination as a small percentage.

- Around 30% carbon reduction

- Around 55% energy saving

- bulk clean and change £12,000 per annum

- Reactive maintenance savings £40,000

- Capital replacement savings £70,000

“We have found working closely with OrangeTek extremely beneficial in delivering this scheme for the residents of Hammersmith & Fulham, and adding to the future of the borough in a time of financial constraints. OrangeTEK have always shown a willingness to meet our request to provide quality lighting, at a competitive price, with a warranty that shows their trust in their product.  Continuing improvements with their products has further improved energy savings and carbon reductions, whilst still allowing council preferred components to be retained.”

Dean Wendelborn (Lighting Manager)