Rhondda Cynon Taf


Rhondda Cynon Taf

Rhondda Cynon Taf is a county borough in the south of Wales. It consists of five valleys: the Rhondda Fawr and Fach, Cynon, Taff and Ely Valleys, as well as several towns and villages away from the valleys.

The local authority like many others were under pressure to reduce spending and implement plans to ensure future financial stability of the council to continue to deliver day to day services to the public with minimal impacts to the quality of support.

The aim was to upgrade the existing (what was the existing product, wattage, source type?) residential and traffic route (source, Type) lighting to LED to reach a target of 50% energy saving by using a combination of lower wattage light sources and incorporating part night and dimming schedules.

RCT borough council saw the potential savings and benefits of investing in LED lighting and how it could make up a huge part of the savings needed for all the council’s departments.

The decision was made to use council reserves and savings from other departments to invest in LED street lighting to ensure the future financial stability of council services in an uncertain climate of rising energy costs, CO2 charges as well as building a reliable and safe lighting infrastructure for decades to come.

Project requirements

- Funding came from Council reserves. The aim was to reduce energy and long term maintenance

- A reduction in energy use of 50% overall, including the saving resulting from part night light and dimming (in place prior to the LED replacement project)


The solution


- Part Night switch off & full night regime with dimming

- DALI driver

- Mini-cell


Voyager (12 18 30 @ 700mA)

Voyager is a high performing, cost effective lighting solution for all residential lighting classes. Offering superior efficacy and elegant human-centric design, the Voyager makes a compelling case for replacement of existing luminaries and the ideal maintenance lantern.

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Traffic Routes


The Arialed is a flexible, high performance luminaire able to provide solutions for a range of lighting scenarios from P6 through to M2. Achieved by employing a unique modular light engine capable of accommodating a range of LED configurations.

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Traffic Routes

Arialed Mini

The ARIALED Mini, built on the success of its bigger brother the ARIALED, the Mini packs the same high performance plus new advanced features in an attractive, light weight and affordable package. The body & self contained LED module are crafted to maximise cooling efficiency and offers a virtually maintenance free life.

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Project Savings 

- Saving of £320,236.27 per year

- 79%

Energy savings (watts)  2014-15 Annual usage 12,234,000 KwH – 2018-19 projected usage 3,540,000 KwH. A saving of 8,694,000 KwH 

Energy savings (cost GBP) An Annual Energy Saving of £1,239,000 (including Carbon Levy) based on a saving of 8,694,000 KwH @ 14.2516 per unit

Co2 savings  of 4,581.8 Tonne based on 0.527kg per KwH for 8,694,000 KwH

“It is very difficult to predict energy prices going forward. Many local authorities have come unstuck in recent years by building in an annual percentage increase in energy costs into their bids for funding, but prices have gone down over the last few years. Therefore the predicted savings were not achieved. However, with the help of OrangeTek, we managed to just exceed our target of 50% saving even if we still have 10,000 units to change “

Mark Anderson (Lighting Manager)