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Strawberry Bank

Strawberry Bank in Dundee is a picturesque and often photographed, small cobbled street running from Perth Road in the north to Magdalen Yard Road in the south. It overlooks the River Tay estuary and is near the heart of the city.

The existing top entry luminaires and concrete columns had come to the end of their useful life and, as part of the councils LED replacement scheme, a suitable replacement was sought. It was felt that a more contemporary look would be appropriate for the lighting in such an iconic location at this time. Dundee City Council were keen to avoid the harsh glare issues that current generation LED luminaires can give and the optional CitiSun ‘Halo’ provided an element of protection for the eyes at night whilst assisting with the more decorative daytime look and feel of the luminaire.

Technical Solution

The existing concrete columns in Strawberry Bank were previously fitted with a 42-watt PLT compact fluorescent light source.

The Council designed the new scheme for Strawberry Bank to achieve the most appropriate lighting for this picturesque location. It is now lit to a good P4 lighting level with an average of 7 lux and a minimum of 2.5 lux, giving excellent uniformity more than 35%.
By replacing them, they reduced power consumption by 65% with CitiSun lanterns at only 20 watts per lantern.

Project specification

• CitiSun Lantern with HALO
• LED -36 High Power OSLON
• CCT -4000K
• CRI -Ra 70+
• Output ~ 2500lm
• Power - 20 watts
• Weight - 8kg
• Body - Black (RAL 9004)
• Optic – AV2
• Light Control - 0% ULOR


The CitiSun Luminaire is an amenity luminaire that will look great in parks, walkways, promenades, and on the roads/streets. It’s design carry’s an echo of earlier historic luminaires that will add character to any location with outstanding lighting performance and long life. The CitiSun uses the established Ignis technology, so has numerous lenses available with lumen boost drivers to enable this versatile luminaire to be used in many different locations.

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Evolution of Strawberry Bank 1950 - 2020

“We are delighted with the CitiSun lantern. It has met our requirements to reduce energy consumption, while at the same time providing a modern yet sympathetic look for such an iconic location within Dundee “

Lisa Chiles
Street Lighting Partnership Manager

Angus, Dundee City and Perth & Kinross Councils and Tayside Contracts