Smart City Infrastructure

OrangeTek´s portfolio of smart city infrastructure covers everything from the autonomous sensor to solutions to build a complete smart city infrastructure.

Take a look at our portfolio below or contact James Coton or Mikael Ryberg, for additional information.

Autonomous System

  • Plug and Play setup

  • No ongoing subscription

  • Autonomous active light control

  • Activity data download via USB

Connected System

  •     Plug and Play setup

  •     Urban Platform Access
        (Talq 2 compliance)

  •     Activity and traffic count data

  •     Autonomous active light control

  •     Full remote management & reporting of lighting and sensor assets


  •     Photocells

  •     Nodes

  •     Gateway

  •     Platform

  •     Censors


Urban Portal (UP) -The Essential Platform

Urban Portal is a unified and scalable street light management system that enables cities and municipalities to collect, analyze, and visualize data from sensors and other connected devices.
UP gives you complete control over your lighting infrastructure and is highly user friendly and maintainable.
Connected streetlights that sense their environment and adapt to citizen's needs, guide people safely to their destination – by foot, bicycle or by car.